Short Video: How does the Alexander Technique work? Towards a scientific model

This video was commissioned by the FM Alexander Trust from Sci Ani (Science Animated) to explain the scientific paper by Cacciatore, Johnson, and Cohen.

The animation illustrates the paper’s central proposition, that changes to postural tone and body schema underlie many of the reported benefits of the Alexander Technique. It also includes a summary of clinical trials on the Alexander Technique to date as well as illustrations of what can be expected in an Alexander Technique session.

A summary of the paper is available here.

2 thoughts on “Short Video: How does the Alexander Technique work? Towards a scientific model

  1. great work! simple and easy to follow –
    love the animations – it removes the cosmetic appearance of the work which might put people off.
    I hope this gets a lot of traffic

  2. Brilliant video. Thank you! Content was clearly communicated. These concepts are also how I approach my work with students and clients. I do not solely rely on “get out of your own way and the right thing does itself.” Teaching about proper tone and schema from a scientific and research based practice is essential. Coming from an AT teacher with certifications in physical training from places like National Academy of Sports Medicine to other education such as (about to receive) a Master of Social work I appreciate your your framework based in current science. I also appreciate the different colors of your animated characters. Bravo!

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